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4D Ball Box Pro features a revolutionary triggering method that allows the performer to decide when the balls appear, a box that can be examined by the spectator, and an instant and simple reset. The set includes a customized walnut wooden box, 7 wooden balls, and online video instructions.

History: 4D Ball Box Pro is based on a classic effect called the "4D Ball Trick". The original idea for this effect came from "4D Ball Trick" in The Best of Benzais published by John Benzais in 1967. It was later modified and improved by John Cornelius and published in Creative Magic (1993), the Creative Magic videotape, and the 2021 edition of The Award-Winning Magic of John Cornelius, page 123, titled "The Jawbreakers".

Effect: You open a wooden box and show three elegant wooden balls inside. You take out the 3 balls and vanish them one by one, using any type of vanishing method you want (e.g. a change bag or sleight of hand). Once all three balls have vanished, you reopen the box to find that the three balls have reappeared inside.

4D Ball Box Pro by Conan Liu has a huge improvement over the original principle: There's no holder or any kind of visible interlayer attached to the lid or the box. The box including its lid can be examined by the spectator right after the performance.

The triggering method is revolutionary and clever. During the entire performance, when to trigger the gimmick to make the balls appear is all up to you. You can decide if you want the extra balls to appear or not by opening or closing the box in a different direction.

We have eliminated the redundant base plate that most other variations have (the base plate is so likely to deform as temperature or humidity changes), making our box more durable than others.


The set includes:

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