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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 12 - February 4th 2015
In this issue:
Tenyo`s Psychic Money reviewed by Jon Jensen

I remember, with great fondness, the early Tenyo creations. I was relatively new to magic, bartending in a little hole in the wall bar while I was still in the NAVY. My youthful enthusiasm carried over into my presentations, and that was especially true with the plastic miracles put out by Tenyo.

Tenyo has always been a clever magic manufacturer, and many of their tricks have become staples in magic shops. Their products, usually made of plastic, always utilized a unique method. They were also fun to perform in a Mr. Gadget way.

As I got older I felt I needed to turn away from such childish toys, but who am I to judge. Then Tenyo did their most clever magic trick, they made several tricks that were more organic, utilizing real world props.

Psychic Money is just such a trick. I`ve always been a fan of the trick where you balance a straw or pen on top of a bottle, then cause it to move by using your "psychic energy". Tenyo`s Psychic Money is a great follow-up to this trick, or you can do it as a stand alone trick.

A borrowed bill is folded along it`s length and balanced on top of a pencil. Using the power of your mind, you cause the bill to move. The bill is under your complete control. This is a very powerful effect.

Performance Tip:
I found it to be very effective to have a spectator place their finger near the bill, then making the bill move, apparently under their control. This would often illicit gasps from the audience. ORDER