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Real World Product Reviews

Reviews from the repertoire of a real working professional!

Issue 14 - February 18th 2015
In this issue:
Holy Moly by Jay Sankey reviewed by Jon Jensen

If you are looking for a strong, easy to do, magic effect that happens in the spectator`s hands, Holy Moly is the trick for you. I have found no other walk-around effect that can compare to the impact of this Jay Sankey classic.

I am an unashamed magic junkie. I am constantly searching for new and wonderful miracles with which to fool my friends and clients. If you were to ask my wife, she would say that I am an addict. I would simply acknowledge that I have a passion to find the best tricks on the planet. I`m on a quest.

I have found that my search for quality magic tricks has intensified since starting this column. Part of this process is asking my magic buddies what they feel are the best, most practical tricks in their repertoire. Greg, who works here at The Magic Warehouse, is a proficient magician, and all around nice guy; pointed me towards the trick Holy Moly.

Holy Moly was devised and produced by Jay Sankey. Most reading this column are familiar with Jay, but because he puts out an endless stream of tricks, some of his best works can easily escape our notice. Holy Moly was one of those for me. I`d heard of this trick, but it wasn`t until Greg showed it to me that I saw it`s full potential.

This is an organic trick using ordinary washers. The effect is simple, the hole from one washer travels to a second washer held in the spectator`s closed fist. The handling is easy and devious, and it has that sponge ball feel where the magic happen`s in the spectator`s hands. Very powerful! This is my new favorite trick for walk-around, at the bar, and for my friends. Both of them. It is a simple little trick. However, when the spectator opens their hand and sees the transformation of the washer, for me all is right in the world for just a little while.

Performance Tips:
1. Greg introduces the trick by mentioning he had done some plumbing work earlier in the day and noticed a strange thing about the washers he was using. Did I mention this was organic?

2. I carry the washers in a coin purse so they stay together in the right order.