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Real World Product Reviews

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Issue 9 - January 14th 2015
In A Flash by Jay Sankey reviewed by Jon Jensen

As I have said in almost every one of the reviews I have done to date, I love quick, visual, tricks. There is not a better trick that fits these qualifications than Jay Sankey`s In A Flash.

I want to begin this week`s review by saying that I am a huge Jay Sankey fan. I am fully aware that not all of his products are winners, but this is not surprising when you consider the number of tricks he churns out on almost a weekly basis. However, almost without exception you can see his creativity at work, something I appreciate. In A Flash is definitely one of his best efforts, and I consider it now to be a modern classic.

A card is selected, signed, and lost in the deck. A quarter, which can be borrowed and signed, is wrapped into a tissue and placed on top of the deck. With a flick of a lighter, the tissue vanishes in a flash. The quarter visually sinks into the deck, stopping on top of the selected card.

Everything can be examined.

Why I Love This Trick:
Nothing in magic creates as much attention, as the use of flash paper. It is not only visually stimulating for the audience you are performing the trick for, it also attracts the attention of surrounding people. Jay has put this to use in a unique way, and has created an effect that makes sense. In a bright flash of light, it looks like a quarter super heats and melts through the deck, until it is on top of the selected card.

Jay`s handling is super easy and direct. No sleight of hand, or fumbling around with the deck. Unlike some of his products, you get the impression that jay has performed this thousands of time, and has worked out every nuance to make it as powerful as possible.

The gimmick, if you want to call it that, is professionally produced and will last you thousands of performances. You will, of course, need flash paper.

You will be able to perform this trick minutes after watching the inexpensively produced, but effective DVD. Like I said, simple and easy. I`ve performed this trick about a hundred times at the bar over the last few weeks, and it never fails to get gasps. The response far supersedes the effort. Definitely, one of my favorites.